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Friday, July 30, 2010

preparation of monthly reports (Part 2)

This is the last part of the topic under monthly reports. Another report that is being prepared monthly is the Transformer load profile(TLP). The TLP will provide the peak load of the Transformer/s and its corresponding date and time.
This will serve as basis on the loading capacity of the transformer and will determine what date and time of the month that is feasible in conducting shutdown. Next is the Monthly Interruption Report (MIR). The MIR gives the nature, date and time of interruption that happened on the substation on that period. Example of data include the Name of Transmission line affected, the breakers that operate, the corresponding date and time of tripping and clossing, relays actuated, time of outage, the interrupted load, unserved energy, outage classification and the remarks. The relay indications are important in the analysis of what is the outage classification of the tripping.
The interrupted load and time duration are necessary in the computation of unserved energy. The unserved energy is necessary for the computation of performance of the substation. The performance indicator of substation will be discussed later. The remarks will provide the reasons of the trippings and actions undertaken during the interruptions listed. Feeder Load profile, on the other hand, is just a monitoring of load trend of a customers or feeders. Normally, any day of the month is randomly selected and the load of feeders for the 24-hour period is given. Next report is the Highlights which include all activities and accomplishments in substation maintenance during that month. Battery Testing is also included in the reporting so that the DC supply system of the substation will be reliable. Lastly, the Enercon Report as well as the Substation Metering report will monitor the station service used by the substation to monitor the energy conservation being implemented.
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