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Friday, July 23, 2010

substation control room building leaks

we have been experiencing leaks from the cracks of the concrete gutter of our substation control room building. Since the building is still part of the substation, I will discuss some of our corrective actions which may help others or open to suggestions from the readers.

Philippines is being battered by typhoon every year, and during these typhoons that we are very worried. It because there are leaks that come from the cracks of the concrete gutter of our building. Since the leaks may damage our relays, meters and electronic devices at the control room, we tried to fix the problem. Last year, we tried applying a waterproofing paint. A waterproofing primer must first be applied to the concrete gutter and we also included the concrete overhang since there are plenty of primer available. After the primer was applied, it formed a nice plastic-like coating tha will serve as the base of the paint.
After the primer is completely dried, we applied the waterproofing paint only to the visible cracks. The paint is very thick so we did not aplly to the whole concrete overhang; we just applied it generously to the gutter since the leaks inside the building is directly below the gutter. Then, when the rain comes, leaks are still there. So, we tried to fill up the gaps and spaces between the roof and the gutter itself. Then, when rain came again, still the leaks were there, but were reduced significantly, maybe because the spaces contribute also to the leaks coming from cracks. So, we made another attempt; create spaces from the cracks by using grinder, then we filled these spaces with a polymer sealant. As for now, it has not been tested but we KEEP our fingers crossed so that this solution may stop the leaks from dripping inside the control building.
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