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Sunday, July 18, 2010

substation engineers and operators guide: logbook

A logbook is a listing of all events and activities done in the substation. It serves a reference by the operators and engineers and a record book for easy retrieval of historical activities and data.
Typically, the logbook must have the date, the name of the operator-on-duty, and the activities with their respective time of occurence. The status of the substation must also be the first and last entries, whether the operation is normal or not. Usually, the operator of adjacent substations are also recorded.
All activities by the operator or other groups are also contained in the logbook. Other groups usually are maintenance-oriented individuals that conduct periodic testing on equipment. More about this groups later. Abnormalities, warnings and alarms are also included to warn the next operator who will assume duty. The necessary corrections done on the abnormalities are recorded in detail for future references. Lastly, the outgoing and incoming operators must attached their signature at the end and beginning of the shift.

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