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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Battery Load Capacity Test Torkel 720

Battery Load Capacity Test (BLCT) is conducted to standby power supply, usually battery banks, inorder to determine if they can give stable power to connected loads in case there is a blackout or total loss of power. This test also determines if the battery bank can still perform according to their rated ampere-hour. The battery banks to be tested should be properly charged before the conduct of the test. The batteries must have correct electrolyte levels, battey caps must be secured, and the cells should be clean and free from foreign particles so that the result will be accurate.

The load test unit that we are going to use is the Torkel 720. Before operating the tester, make sure the battery bank to be tested is isolated from its charger and to the connected loads. To operate the tester, turn on the power supply, connect the test clamps to the positive and negative polarity of the battery bank to be tested. Input on the tester the minimum and maximum voltage limit of the battery bank. For 125 VDC supply, the minimum and maximum values are set within ±10 %, which is 112.5VDC and 137.5VDC respectively. Input also the load to be connected on the battery bank, the duration per test set, and number of test set to be done. Since the capacity test to be conducted will be a simulationonly, we set the load current to be 10% of the rated ampere-hour of the battery bank. Therefore, we input the following items on the tester: 30A for the load, one minute for the duration, and sixty (60) test set inorder to reach the 30A load.

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Technicians encoding the correct seetings on the Torkel 720

The Torkel 720 and laptop used in plotting the graph and encoding of obtained results

Torkel 720 Battery Load Capacity Tester top view

Torkel 720 Battery Load Capacity Tester Front View


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