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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

low energy reading on EIG statistical meter (part 2)

Since the load of the customer is very low we are thinking about replacing the current transformer installed on the feeder. Even the metering group that came to troubleshoot the problem was bent on replacing the CT. They attached a tester that read the secondary currents going to the meter. On their tester, it read 0.8 amperes on three phases but on the EIG meter, it displayed zero amperes. After the tests have been made, we decided to adjust the setting on the EIG meter to display readings in terms of kilowatts in terms of megawatts. 
They adjusted the decimal setting from 99.99 to 999.9. After making the adjustments, the meter already displays the current reading as well as the power readings. They compared to the tester and both values we near to each other. After monitoring for one hour, we realized that the EIG meter will not record the power if the display is zero. We all thought that if the load is 300kW, and the meter is set to read at MW, the display will show zero, but it will still calculate the energy used. However, that is not the case with EIG meter. The EIG meter displays the actual reading and if it is not set on the correct decimal places, it will round off the reading. Therefore, if the reading is very low, it will register zero reading and not energy will be recorded.
interposing CT 20:5


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