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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Current Transformer Nameplate Data

The nameplate of current transformers contains basic information about the transformer. The most common data in the nameplate are listed below:
a. Current transformer brand
b. Type or model
c. Serial number
d. Year
e. Um - rated voltage level
f. I(th) - thermic nominal short time current
g. rated frequency
h. weight
i. I(dy) - peak withstand current
j. rated primary current
k. CT ratio
l. CT core
m. VA- burden per CT ratio
n. cl - class
o. r (ct) - CT secondary resistance
p. U (kp) - knee point voltage
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  1. kindly sir give the meanings of each nameplate datas?

  2. bro,

    please check my latest post. I have already provided brief description for each data on current transformer nameplate

  3. plz tell me that these are IEC standard or ANSI standard????

  4. Dear Mr. Robert Ranchez
    Sir, i could not able to see ur latest post reg.,brief description for each data on current transformer nameplate. If u don't mine will u plz, mail me the same in my id as follows, justamail_4u@yahoo.in


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