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Monday, August 8, 2011

Factory Acceptance Test: Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co., Ltd. (Part 2)

The continuation of my report is summarized below:

B) Spare parts for the their products are readily available from Nantong Hyosung. They can deliver spare parts, including bushings, one month after the order has been placed.
C) The company usually give 12-month warranty of their product after energization or 18 months after delivery, whichever comes first.
D) Nantong Hyosung Tansformer Co. Ltd. can provide financing to the buyers of their products.
E)  We took a tour on transformer manufacture, testing and inspection after the presentation.
-Among their equipments include horizontal and vertical winding machines, slitting lines for silicon steel sheets, core binding machine, air-cushioned vehicle, 400-ton crane and large stacking station.
-The EHV workshop has five areas. These are: coiling area, insulation processing area, core processing area, active part assembly area, and final assembly area. Their factory also boasts its modern EHV testing center where the transformers are tested to determine if they pass the customers' requirements and limits.

-Air shower is used to remove the dust particles from persons and equipments going inside their factory. All iron core processing devices are imported from abroad including the slitting lines and CTL lines used for automatic positioning, stacking and shearing and cutting. At coiling area, there are vertical and horizontal winding machines that allows coiling of big transformers simultaneously. At the insulation processing area, it adopts the CAD optimized modularization design where it can properly modify their products as per requirements of the users. At the Active Part Assembly, entire production is processed in a temperature constant and dust free environment. At the Final Part Assembly Workshop, there is a dry air generator which keeps the transformer from moisture. International advanced equipment currently used enables the company to fulfill test for transformers of 1000kV transformers and below.

Test equipment used in lightning impulse test and switching impulse test on power transformers

voltage generator for generating large values of voltages (up to 2000 kV)

work station for gathering data


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