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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Solution Against Transformer Explosion: Transformer Protector

Mr. Justin Gong emailed me informing about their product which is the Transformer Protector. This product can prevent power transformer explosion and can extinguish the fire in a matter of few minutes by using Nitrogen, which is claimed to be a better fire extinguisher for fires involving insulating oils compares to water or cabon dioxide. There has been a few revisions to the original text and below is the excerpt of their product:

Disclaimer: I am not in a way connected to the person or company stated below. The purpose of this post is to present a new technology and an option in protecting the most valuable asset in a substation- the power transformer.


Xuming Fire-fighting
Equipment (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Xuming Electrics Technology ,Co,Ltd. (SZXMP) is specialized in researching, designing and producing oil-immersed transformer power intelligent fire system. SZXMP is a private high-tech enterprise with commitment of supplying good service to every customer. This intelligent product which we produce, the Transformer Protector, is the only product that can prevent transformer explosion and stop fire created. It is a new
protection product which is environment-friendly. SZXMP have strong research and design prototype capacity, and we employ a group of long-term high-tech talent in our company. Innovation and development are some of our priorities and we make sure that advanced level of high-tech products come out every year. Because of these, we have independent property rights and
made several core technology and patents. Our product have been used in our country and abroad. We continue to strengthen institutions of higher learning and research institutes to develop the project.In the field of electric power, we seriously instill excellence, breakthrough and innovation as our corporate spirit.

Transformer explosion hazardous
Below is an example of transformer fire and explosion. This incident can cause great damage to property, personal safety and service delivery.

Water spray and foam can only extinguish the fire on the power transformer but cannot preventthe occurence of fire and explosion. This type of fire extinguishers cause secondary pollution after aserious fire. SZXMP completely replaced the traditional transformer fire-fighting equipment to prevent transformer explosions and fire. Some advantages of SZXMP product are wider scope, effectiveness, economy, system maintenance, reliability and fast extinguishing of fire.

SZXMP Principle
Nitrogen injection transformer oil discharge protection device is a specialized body for oil-immersed transformers, load tap changers, explosion-proof casing fire fighting equipment,which under certain
conditions are prone to oil-immersed transformer explosion and fire hazards. When the transformer serious fails to meet the logic control and signals an alarm,the device program is scheduled to run automatically the state of nitrogen injection for oil discharge protection device. immediately after the fire extinguishing equipment is activated, explosion-proof membrane immediately open the pressure relief, discharge transformer oil level to the top of the following 20cm oil tank, the oil flow generated by pressure to stop valve closes automatically to prevent transformer explosion and emission of hot oil caught fire case of oxygen. Burst signal and the electrical signal of nitrogen fire-extinguishing device, after 3 seconds, automatically open oil and gas through the valve into the pipeline component into the transformer isolation tank, oil tank and the bottom casing. the internal transformer body, tank, tube oil temperature will drop to lower value and high temperature fuel and oil, the oil temperature will decrease rapidly to the flash point, then nitrogen isolation layer will form immediately to drive away explosive gas, thus transformer explosion is mitigated.

Next post will be the last part of the product detail regarding Transformer Protector.

Special thanks to:
Mr. Justin Gong
International Sales Department
Shenzhen Xuming Electrics Technology ,Co,Ltd.
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