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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Solution Against Transformer Explosion: Transformer Protector (Last Part)

Below is a diagram showing the different parts of the Transformer Protector system. The different parts are labeled which makes the operation easier to understand.

Disclaimer: I am not in a way connected to the person or company stated below. The purpose of this post is to present a new technology and an option in protecting the most valuable asset in a substation- the power transformer.

Control Box
It is located in the control room. It ensures the logic of the
system which controls the precise operation of the different components of the system. The Control Box is connected to all protections that are related to proper operation of Transformer Protector.

Rupture disc
The Rupture Disc is the part of Transformer Protector that isolates the equipment with high speed decompression through release of gas in the
decompression chamber. The decompression chamber is connected to the pipes on which the bursting disc due to pressure inside the tank will start immediately the fire extinguisher 8 milliseconds after fully opened.

Some advantages of Transformer Protector are:
1、Instantaneous Depressurisation
2、Does not require any actuator.
3、Easy retrofitting on exising transformer and on OLTC equipped
with Pressure Relief Valves.
4、Ensures people,plant and building safety.
5、Independent, integrated Oil Storage Tank.
6、Compact,attached to the transformer.
7、Flammable and explosive oil/gas mixture evacuated outdoor.
8、Environment friendly.
9、Safer and more efficient than synthetic oils.
10、Damaged transformer can be repaired.
11、Competitive price, no major maintenance needed.

When transformer vessel explodes,the vessel cover will be
opened by the explosion and burning oil from the conserwator will be poured out on the transformer and its surroundings.The SZXMP Shutter is designed to
prevent overflow of burning oil on the transformer vessel from the conservator and to prevent further spread of fire.

1- The SZXMP Shutter is flow sensitive and as essential to the transformer
safety as a Buchholz relay.

2- Under transfomer normal operation,the Shutter is opened.When the
Buchholz detects gases and abnormal pressure, the SZXMP Shutter
quickly isolates the make-up tank, as soon as an unusual oil flow is

3- When a short circuit occurs, the resulting pressure rise forces the
cover off and fire starts. The conservator oil provokes vessel to overflow of burning oil. Then, the consecutive oil flow in the pipe, between conservator and vessel automatically closes the Shutter.

4- The Shutter is fitted with an integrated magnetic switch. When the
Shutter closes, the magnetic contact gives an alarm to the control

When transformer catch fire, the distribution of fire detectors in the
transformer at the top of the head face heat flow, melting off (130 ℃ ± 10 ℃) the contacts connected, which then the signal is transmitted to
main control box provided for the transformer Protector.

The fire detectors are installed in the transformer fire where the most
vulnerable such as: pipe, pressure release valve, OLTC, trunking,

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