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Saturday, November 7, 2015


Below is the procedure in the access of fault indications of the SEG MRI3 Overcurrent Relay. Most substation engineers are limited in the access of relay indications and readings especially during faults or retrieval of data since there is a separate group that handles relay testing and setting.  I am not familiar with the latest relay tester already that is why I could not include relay setting and testing.

This is what the SEG MRI3 Overcurrent Relay front access panel looks like.

1. Press “ - ” button once to access last fault (FLT1). Press “ - ” button again
to access other faults' information.

2. Select the desired Fault number as shown on the LED screen. After choosing the desired fault number, press “SELECT/RESET” button continually to access all fault parameters including date and time.

3. To go to main display, just long press the “SELECT/RESET” button until the display indicates SEG.

Note: Fault Recorder Data can register up to 5 reports FLT1 being the most recent report

Reference: SEG MRI3 overcuurent Relay manual


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